Sadie kitchen and lounge - hollywood, ca

With a hint of the Depression and all the glamour of the Forties, a 7,300 SF Sadie Kitchen & Lounge has arrived. Guests enter through the Parlor with its vintage neon sign, lively bar scene, and kick back booths. Three large Victorian chandeliers dramatically illuminate the room, which features a vintage mahogany bar. Seemingly discarded curiosities of an Industrial Age live again in the wall-mounted curio cabinets.

Beckoning from beyond a long dark corridor, the Center Bar glows with the warmth of Old Hollywood. A former Craftsman bungalow, this area retains the charm and intrigue of bygone eras. Family photos displayed using lenticular technology add movement and mystery. The large centrally located bar is four sides of fun with cozy lounge seating and two even more private booths. Featured here is a fanciful copper beer tower with all the quirkiness of a Rube Goldberg machine, which dispenses craft beer and local wine by the glass - a memory of speak-easy days long forgotten.

The final destination is the rear patio. On each of the wood decks guests can relax in a variety of seating choices varying from communal, to lounge, to dining. Exposed brick floors and walls add to the vintage feel while lovely planters lend a garden feel. A mature olive tree provides natural focal point and cleverly concealed water trough bounces shimmering light off the surrounding field stone walls. Overhead, floating points of light magically lend an ambient glow to the courtyard below.